Cryptomania - Board Game | How do you play it?
How do you play it?

How do you play it?

It’s simple – anyone can play it!

Your goal is simple: To rake in as much cash and Bitcoin as you can by buying and operating mining pools and power plants and making smart trading choices, while trying to make your opponents go bankrupt. If you have the most cash and Bitcoin at the end of the game, you win. Simple, isn’t it?

Well, it would be, except that Cryptomania’s market is just as volatile as the real-world crypto market! There’s pitfalls waiting around every corner that can ruin you in a second – from losing all your coins to a hacker to buying high only to have Bitcoin’s price drop just when you’re about to sell.

Game mechanics

Here’s how the game works. At the start of every turn, you first decide whether you want to buy or sell bitcoin. Then you roll the dice to move your piece around the board. What happens next depends on the type of space you land on.

How do you play it?
Start Start Start Start


The Genesis block

The Start space is where the game begins. Each time you pass it, you draw an Opportunity card.

Mining Pools

Your bread and butter in Cryptomania

Operating Mining Pools is your main source of income in Cryptomania. When you land on a Mining Pool space, you can either buy it if no one owns it yet, or you have to pay a fee to its owner to use the pool’s mining resources. Once you buy a mining pool, you can upgrade it to earn higher fees with up to three graphics cards and finally an ASIC miner.

Mining Pools
Power Plant Power Plant Power Plant Power Plant

Power Plant

The lifeblood of Cryptomania

Power Plants work much in the same way as mining pools. Since you can’t mine crypto without power, players who own power plants receive fees from players who land on their power plant as well as from mining pool operators every time another player lands on one of their mining pools.


Fortune or ruin?

When you land on an Opportunity space, you draw a card from any of the four Opportunity cards decks. Depending on your luck, you can either get an advantage or lose some of your hard-earned assets. For example, you might receive a pool reward or a 50% discount on graphics cards and ASICs, or you could be forced to skip a turn or suffer a hack and lose part or all of your Bitcoin!

How do you play it?
Hacked Hacked Hacked Hacked


Danger lurks around every corner!

Oops! Landing on a Hacked space means you’ve been targeted by a hack and have lost all your Bitcoin (you still get to keep your cash, though, so you can start recouping your losses on your next turn).

Bitcoin Price Ring

Will you gain or lose?

As mentioned, you can only buy or sell Bitcoin at the start of your turn. After you set Bitcoin’s initial price at the beginning of the game (the recommended starting price is ¢300), the price changes when someone draws an Opportunity card that alters the price, when the market reopens after closing, or when someone opts to change the price after landing on the Roll Again space. The price is changed by the player who lands on the Market Open space or draws an Opportunity card by rolling the dice and moving the Tower piece on the Bitcoin Price Ring in the centre the corresponding number of spaces. The new price takes effect on the next player’s turn.

Bitcoin Price Ring
Exchange closed/open

Exchange closed/open

You can’t trade when the exchange is down!

The Exchange Closed and Exchange Open spaces do just what their names suggest. The former closes the exchange, so Bitcoin can’t be traded until someone lands on the Exchange Open space or draws an Opportunity card that opens the exchange again.

Power off

No power = no mining

When you land on a Power Off space, either you or the player on your left or right (depending on which of the three spaces you land on) loses power. That means you don’t receive any fees, can’t trade Bitcoin and have to skip a turn. You regain power on your next turn.

Power off
How do you play it?

Throw Again

Lucky you!

Lastly, the Roll Again space lets you roll again to either move your piece or change the price of Bitcoin.

And that’s about it. We promise it really isn’t that complicated, and it’ll take you no time at all to get the hang of it and start winning!
If we still haven’t satisfied your curiosity, take a look at the What's in the box? page for a brief overview of the game’s various components!




What’s in the box?

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