Cryptomania - Board Game
Cryptomania - Board Game
Cryptomania - Board Game
Cryptomania - Board Game

What is Cryptomania?

A wild, fun, unpredictable and educational game

Cryptomania is an exciting new board game that lets you experience all the thrills of the crypto market in a fun and safe way. You or your friends don’t need to know anything about crypto to play the game, however – in fact, aside from spine-tingling excitement, one of the main points of the game is to help you learn about cryptocurrencies as you play. So whether you’re a seasoned trader or just want to dip your toes in the world of crypto trading but are afraid to try the real thing, Cryptomania will bring you endless hours of entertainment!

Cryptomania - Board Game
Cryptomania - Board Game

How do you play it?

It's simple - anyone can play it!

Your goal is simple: To rake in as much cash and Bitcoin as you can by buying and operating mining pools and power plants and making smart trading choices, while trying to make your opponents go bankrupt. If you have the most cash and Bitcoin at the end of the game, you win. Simple, isn’t it?

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About us

Creators of Cryptomania

It all started when brothers Boštjan and Robert Fekonja stumbled upon the world of cryptocurrencies. They started mining and trading crypto and explored where the story of crypto started and how different cryptocurrencies are mined. When Bitcoin began to grow and hit the news, others started asking them questions about crypto, and they often found it hard to explain in simple terms. That’s when they came up with the idea to mix in a little fun and turn it into a game that lets everyone experience all the excitement of cryptocurrencies. A game that teaches you about the risks and rewards of cryptocurrencies and market dynamics in an exciting but totally risk-free way!

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Cryptomania - Board Game

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Cryptomania - Board Game

What's in the box?

Check out what's hiding inside Cryptomania's box!

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Includes Regular edition Collector's edition
Game board
Playing pieces – characters
Graphics card pieces
ASIC miner pieces
Play money
Regular Opportunity cards
Premium opportunity cards with gold print
Regular Mining Pool cards
Premium Mining Pool cards with gold print
Plastic insert tray
Foam insert tray
Regular box with lid
Premium side-opening box with gold print
Plastic coins
Golden metal coins

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